Friday, December 01, 2006

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by Kim to list 6 weird things about myself and then tag 6 others. Since I am new to the blog scene, I don't know many of you so I'm just tagging those who's site I visit often (barring one.) You don't have to accept the challenge. That's all I need; to be black-blogged for tagging people. LOL

Ok, so...6 things about me:

1 - Socks. I absolutely love socks, but I can't have the stitching touching anywhere but the toe knuckles. Also, if I get a wrinkle in my sock I have to stop walking immediately and fix it, no matter where I am or what I'm doing. My husband says it's like the princess and the pea kind of thing. The specifically designed gold toe ring, that I've had on for over 16 yrs, doesn't bother me at all...go figure.

2 - I have the temper of a truck driver when I drive. No one can do anything right if they are in front of me. Well, even those behind annoy me! As soon I as start the car, it's as if I'm in a hurry, no matter where I'm going, that everyone needs to get out of my way. It's just this feeling that comes over me even if I'm only going a mile away and there is no urgency what-so-ever.

3 - I adore walking through old cemetaries and reading the headstones. I especially like headstones with photos of the deceased. I can walk on any grave, except those ones. It's like I know them then and can't step on them.

4 - I am obsessed with reading a blog that is owned by a gay man with a big heart. It's quite graphic, but the way he tells stories is so funny that I find myself reading for hours. (and I'm not a reader!)

5 - I have a fear of, and get sick to my stomach, going over bridges with water under them. Nearly all of my nightmares, I drown in a car that has gone over a bridge.

6 - I sing so badly my children have asked me to please not sing. In fact, when my youngest was a small infant and I began to sing while rocking him, he'd reach up and cover my mouth.

**Oh, and I would like to add to Kim's list too. She eats popcorn with a spoon! hehehe

Ok, so now I have to tag others:
Nancy | Gillian | vbridges | Taylor | Janine | Mrs. Osgood


Kim said...

LOL..sheesh, some secrets just aren't safe from anyone! lol...Eating popcorn with a spoon is the only way to go, no greasemarks on my cards! LOL

Mrs. Osgood said...

Holly, you are SO weird! I think I used to read that gay fellow's blog but lost the link.

audrey said...

I am laughing so hard...first from your statement of "black-blogged", hilarious. And #6 is the cute and funny. Great to learn some tid-bits about you and now i gotta go give Kim a hard time about the popcorn.

Gillian Hamilton said...

Flower you are hilarious.. I laughed my self silly about the 'blackblogger' thing too. and My kids have asked me to stop singing also.. but what a screem when your little one covered your mouth...I'll have to have a think about what to write. it's the first time I've been tagged..

Scrappermania said...

Really you are very special! I identify with you in the point 6, my son does the same thing and in the point 4.