Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yet another cheat card with one stamp. Only the sentiment is stamped. *sigh* I think Kim's banner sucked all my creativity up! LOL

With Christmas fast approaching I've decided one stamp cards will do. By now I should have all my cards nearly made and I have but a few. I seem to have gotten the blues or something because I have no desire to be creative or to shop or even play with my boys. Oh well, this too shall pass...I hope!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hadn't used these stamps in a while and thought I'd mill one out. I forgot how wonky my vellum gets when heated. Oh least I stamped...I guess.

This was a joke RAK I sent to a few friends as they were talking about mouse troubles in their houses. This was an "OMG that's too funny, I have to have that stamp" stamp. Something about having a dead 'House Mouse' stamp tickled my twisted bone. What can I say?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ok, here are my elves. I had to share the laughs they gave me while I was trying to take their pic for Christmas cards.

The last one kills me! LOL

Just a cute snowman stamp I got from Qwikart during their every stamp is $1 sale. It's entirely colored with bleach, including the 3rd layer to match his bleached scarf & hat.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I had to use the keyboard stamp Miss Kimmy sent me! I Love that stamp. My muse seems to be out to lunch though, so I had to wing it on my own. Agh! lol

I was just playing around with this dress template. Made a mess of the insides with my ink and inky fingers so they are useless, but kinda cute. lol Now I know I need a small circle punch. I can't cut the neck by hand! oh well.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Polished stone girl

These are my most recent cards that I actually liked when I was done. Again, there is some shine, but this little girl stamp is so beautiful on it's own. I'm a sucker for vintage things and she is so sweet.



This Santa is a new stamp and I like him alot, but he will never compare to my Gumball Graphics Santa.

This day was a total waste of make-up

This is quite appropriate for my days lately! I just love this image and the red tinsel ep on her fingernails just gave her that much more dimension. It also gave way to my need for mirror cardstock. I love mirror cardstock and things that sparkle. Perhaps I was a magpie in the previous life.

Resist Tech swap

This is for a resist technique swap I am in. I found this one a bit annoying as the resist wouldn't pop. That was until I sprayed with water and the color wiped off leaving the resist really popping. Not that this photo helps you believe that, but it is. lol


I love my Stamp Oasis spider. I must have made a million cards with him and I still never tire of him.
"I like you better than flies" was so him. And he looked great in black ep with pink glitter in it. He's strong enough in his manhood to wear pink.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Stamping is better than....

Stamping is hands-down better than creating this blog! I'm not a template kind of person and it's fighting with me. I'll beat it in the html! Oh well. I will go stamp and relieve some of the stress that setting this up caused! lol I have put a slideshow of a bunch of my cards if you care to take a moment or two and watch. You can speed it up if you have patience like me ;)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Just opened this blog

I'm new to blogging so bear with me while I figure everything out and get set up and I feel more at home.