Thursday, December 14, 2006

While surfing blogs last week, I came upon one offering free UHU glue in exchange for a product review and link back to her site.
Just 5 days later the samples arrived! There was a glue stick AND a bottle of glue that could be twisted to apply like a glue stick rather than a squeeze bottle - neat idea. I have given both a try and I prefer the glue stick, at this point. As any liquid glue, the bottled kind tended to warp lighter paper, but seemed to hold objects fairly well! The glue stick, when applied generously, bonded great! I could see myself using this often.
So, visit the website and see if you can't give these products a try yourself!
click here and scroll to the November 2nd post for more info.


iralamija said...

Thank you so much for your nice comments you always post on my blog! I want to thank you also that you have a link to my blog, I will add you on my favorite blogs(if you don't mind)
I like your blog (I love the "choose your music" idea!!!!)

Have a nice day!


Flower said...

You do beautiful work, Bety. It's my pleasure to stop by and to have you on my list. :) You can add mine if you like, but don't feel like you have to. I will still visit. hehehe

Anonymous said...

music choice for tonight "in your eyes"....the seen from the movie 'Say Anything' always comes to mind when i hear that song.

i used to use UHU but now am stuck on the Scotch permanent glue sticks :o)

Anonymous said...

i really do know how to spell....'scene', lol

Flower said...

LOL I so wish we could edit comments after we post them. I wish even more it didn't take me 3 times to get the word verification right!

That's so funny - I picture that too. John Cusack standing there holding the boom box over his head. I'm drawn to 80's highschool-type movies like Say Anything, Pretty in Pink, Some Kind of Wonderful, etc. I guess I'm just stuck in the 80s, but rest assured I don't wear rainbow leg warmers or anything like that! LOL

I'm a tape-roller person and never used glue stick because I thought they'd fall apart at the recipient's house. I guess I will have to give them more of a chance now.

let's see if I get the word verification right this time. *sigh*
(nope 2nd try!)

Kriteaker said...

I've always wondered if that's pronounced 'yoo-hoo' or ooh-hoo'

Flower said...

See there? I never thought about how it is supposed to be pronounced. I just read it as yoo-hoo and didn't give it a second thought. You made me think! lol